Mount Road public meeting

Housing development at Mount Road


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has allocated five sites along Mount Road, Leek, for 345 new houses, to be built by 2033.  This housing allocation is expected to be confirmed when the Council’s Local Plan is adopted in the early part of 2020.


The local community has expressed concern about the potential adverse impact that this amount of new housing will have on the rural character of Mount Road. The road is well used and highly valued by local people as a recreational resource. Our surveys have shown that many local people walk along the Mount every day in all weathers.


The planning inspector at the Local Plan public inquiry recognised the importance of the Mount to the community and said that it should be reflected in master planning proposals through the sensitive treatment of Mount Road and Kniveden Lane, appropriately located green infrastructure, recognition of key views and connectivity to public rights of way.”


The Leek Neighbourhood Plan presents an ideal opportunity to create a design master plan for Mount Road that will deliver the numbers of houses required by the District Council in a way that will preserve the rural character of the Mount as far as possible in the circumstances.


National town planning consultants, Aecom, have been working with the Neighbourhood Plan team  to prepare a design master plan for Mount Road and design briefs for each of the five sites involved.  Draft proposals are available for public comment and a public meeting to discuss the proposals was held at Leek Fire Station, Springfield Road, on Monday 18 November 2019.   A presentation of the design master plan was given at the meeting and a copy of the presentation is available here.

This was an opportunity for local people to have their say in how this development will be carried out so that the quality of the local environment is preserved and enhanced as far as possible, given the housing requirements of the District Council.  The draft Design Master Plan and Design Briefs document will be amended following the public meeting in the light of the comments received.  Anyone who was unable to attend the public meeting and who wishes to make comments can send them via the Get in Touch page on this website.


Once the document is finalised it will form part of the evidence base for Leek Neighbourhood Plan, and will underpin policies guiding future development along Mount Road.  After the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted future planning applications for housing along Mount Road will have to follow the principles it contains.  The alternative is to wait for individual developers to bring forward their own proposals without guidance from the local community.


The draft Mount Road Design Master Plan and Design Briefs document is available here.