With the advent of a number of applications for housing, both in large numbers and in places the community thought were inappropriate, it became clear that in Leek we needed a Neighbourhood Plan to enable local people to exercise more influence over the planning and infrastructure proposed for the town.

The Leek Neighbourhood Plan is being produced by members of the local community, with the support of volunteers including photographers, artists, business people, politicians, and built environment professionals.

In 2018 Leek Town Council resolved that a Neighbourhood Plan be produced for the town and a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was formed shortly afterwards. In August 2018 a modest government grant was obtained to cover the costs of publicity, consultation, and specialist professional services.


The Steering Group

The Steering Group is made up of volunteers who live in the town and is chaired by Lesley Roberts, a former chair of the Peak Park Planning Board.  Other steering group members are Charlotte Atkins, Linda Beighton, Mick Downs, John Emery, Shaun Knight, Julie Pointon, Darren Price, Ann Sharratt, Roy Tomkinson, and Stephen Wales.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity to engage local people in shaping the future of the town and a means of motivating people to put the plan's proposals into action, so all voluntary contributions are welcome.  Anyone interested in helping in any way is encouraged to make contact via the website, or directly to a steering group member.

Priority for Local People

As the Leek Neighbourhood Plan will only be adopted after a referendum of people who live in the plan area it is a priority to make sure local people are involved with the production of the plan from the outset and all through the process.

The process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan can be expected to take up to 3 years from the initial decision to produce one to its formal adoption following a local referendum.  The task is quite complex and a wide range of skills are required.  The Steering Group welcomes any contributions or ideas that will help make the Leek Neighbourhood Plan become an inspiring guide towards a bright future for the town, as well as a robust legal document that will ensure that aspirations are translated into reality with new development proposals that come forward.