Leek Neighbourhood Plan

Why is a Neighbourhood Plan being produced?

Leek Neighbourhood Plan is being produced so that the views of people living and working in Leek can be properly reflected in the planning policies and proposals which govern how the town will develop in the future.

The Leek Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole of the town of Leek, i.e. the area within the remit of Leek Town Council. This is called the Neighbourhood Area and defines the geographical area where the policies and proposals of the Neighbourhood Plan will apply.

Protecting Local Values

The Neighbourhood Plan will aim to introduce planning policies and proposals which will protect the things that local people value about the town; it will encourage and support development that will be beneficial; and it will help to prevent the wrong kind of development.

Many other towns and villages in England have produced their own Neighbourhood Plans to help steer development to the right places, to bring forward much-needed projects which benefit the community, and to prevent over-development in places which do not have sufficient capacity.


Community Consultation

Community consultation is very important for a Neighbourhood Plan and the opinions of people living and working in Leek are being sought continually throughout the process. People were asked what they think about the town right at the start of the process, before any policies or proposals were produced, in order to ensure that local views and priorities are taken into account from the outset. An outline of the consultation process can be viewed opposite.

To help produce the Neighbourhood Plan a volunteer Steering Group has been set up comprising local residents and elected representatives who are interested in the future of the town. The Steering Group has a chair, Lesley Roberts, and several other local residents who have a range of skills which will help in producing the Neighbourhood Plan. New volunteers are welcome to join the Steering Group and help us make progress. Please use the Contact page to get in touch.