Consulting Local People

Our New Website

There really can't be too much emphasis put on the need for public participation in the emerging Leek Neighbourhood Plan. That's the reason the Steering Group members are doing all they can to engage with the public on the subject. This website is an excellent way we can keep in touch, continue to share ideas and learn together. (See the "Contact Us" page.) We are hoping it is used to its fullest, it is packed with information and will be a "living" site, updated regularly, and always open to queries from everyone.

Awareness Campaigns

As far back as last summer the Group, and other supporters, started to run Awareness Campaigns about the Plan.  People attending filled in forms stating a) what they like about Leek, and wouldn’t want to change, b) what they don’t like about Leek and do want to see change, and c) how they would like Leek to develop.

The first meeting was held at the Fire Station in Springfield Road.  It took place in a formal setting where acting Chairlady as she was then, Mrs. Lesley Roberts, gave a highly informative presentation, followed by numerous questions from the audience. Enthusiastic discussions with Lesley and Mick Downs then took place. They have both organised other successful NPs so we are very fortunate to have their knowledge at our disposal and have them confidently lead the way.

Future Campaigns

The discussions led to people writing down a huge collection of ideas, comments etc. which went onto separate posters under the headings of the three categories above. There were forms also available for completion if people preferred.    It had turned out to be a very successful meeting with some real community spirit, and the audience left feeling really satisfied to have had their say.  That is exactly what townspeople, and others who work here, have the legal right to do.  It is their Neighbourhood Plan.

Future campaigns followed and were arranged in a more informal manner - at the Bowling Club in Beggars Lane, Sainsbury’s, the Foxlowe and the Totally Locally Markets (as pictured).  The venues were chosen in order to provide wide coverage of the town, and committee members were on hand to answer questions.  At all the venues people were only too anxious to ensure that their views were made known in writing, so they could be taken into account in the formation of the Plan.  No-one wanted to be left out of this very important development of our lovely Leek.


Totally Locally Market

The Steering Group is planning to be available at the Totally Locally Markets again on dates to be announced.  We need people to continue to engage with us about our town as the Plan proceeds.  We can then take it forward together, in an inclusive way where everyone will feel the importance of their input.

It is vital that we involve everybody in the process of the developing future of Leek, and a particularly important sector of the people of Leek is the younger generation.

As Cllr. Charlotte Atkins said at the presentation to the winner of our Logo competition  "It is  ideal that we are involving young people in designing the logo, so that they feel it is very much their project.  Everyone has views, but their views are going to be the most important, as it is their future, their town".