Logo Competition

Our New Logo

A new logo has been designed for the emerging Leek Neighbourhood Plan. Earlier in the year, local First School pupils were invited to design a logo indicating what they love about Leek and 145 children took part. The Logo, to be known as “Love Leek” will feature on all documents, the website and everything else connected with the Plan.

Emma Fleet, a pupil at All Saints’ First School, was announced the winner. The photos show her winning entry and the group present at the presentation at Emily’s school. She received a £20 voucher from the chairman of Leek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Councillor Lesley Roberts, who congratulated all the entrants on their creative skills and their efforts in participating in the competition.

She said “It’s been pleasing to receive such a good response from the children.  I think that in terms of succession planning for Leek area we need to involve the youngsters and their parents to gather their appreciation and opinions.  A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document that sets out local, particularly planning, policies for the area.  It’s used to help decide whether to approve planning applications for houses, buildings for community facilities or changes to existing buildings, including conversion of mill buildings. The difference with a Neighbourhood Plan is that it is written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, to ensure the community gets the right developments in the right place. It has to be taken into account when planning applications are considered.”

Emily said: “I feel happy that I have won, and I really enjoyed designing the logo. I chose the monument, the library and the church as they are special buildings to Leek. I am going to buy lots of craft supplies with my award as I like making things”, while mum Jenny said,  “I am really proud of Emily.  It is nice that the younger generation are involved in something for the future.”

Ann Sharratt, who is a member of the steering group, said: “Everyone in Leek is entitled to have their say on how the town will develop and we are very keen to reach them all so they can do so.”

County, district and town councillor, Charlotte Atkins, said: “It is vital that we involve everybody in the process of the developing future of Leek and it is ideal that we are involving young people in designing the logo so that they feel it is very much their project. It is their future we are talking about. Everyone has views, but their views are going to be the most important, as it is their future, their town.”